Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Silent Colors of Infrared

I close my mouth and I spoke to you in a hundred silent ways
[ r u m i ]

Pulse Infrared from
Nikon D80 with Nikkor 18-105mm
Location : Karambunai Lagoon Park

Dream On

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Excellent Skintone of Striga FC - II

Image belongs to Zahar Harun
Nikon D80 Striga Falsecolor modified (oprek) by Zahar Harun
Edited by Surie Aziz

Excellent Skintone of Striga FC

Image belongs to Zahar Harun
Nikon D80 Striga Falsecolor modified (oprek) by Zahar Harun
Edited by Surie Aziz

Infrared is an Art

Nikon D80 with Nikkor 18-105mm
Location : Karambunai Lagoon Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Colors of Diva

I always love Diva Falsecolor since I saw the work of Dewangga or Angga Photology's potraiture using Diva Falsecolor.  And since then I am a big fan of his work, a brilliant use of Diva colors with excellent composition, model posture and superb editing.

This camera with Diva Falsecolor inside is courtesy of a photographer friend, Augustine Jumat.  Thank you for allowing me to try a Diva camera and a Nikon 70-200 f2.8G.  Such a great lens but I was unable to use the lens to its known greatness since I was focussing more on the product of Diva.  As seen at image above, the left image is the SOOC of Diva and after simple processing in NEX and CS3, I was able to produce a Diva Colors which I love most, purple, pink, yellow and white.  And I am still trying to extract other colors and tones if exist from Diva FC.  And I wonder what will happen to the tones of Diva if the white balance or presets are change.  Should I buy a Diva FC ? 


Talent : Chumie
Nikon D90 Diva Falsecolor from
Location : Karambunai Lagoon Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Friday, September 13, 2013


You didn't come here to make a choice. You've already made it. 
You're here to try to understand WHY you made it.

[ Matrix Reloaded ]

Pulse Infrared from
Nikon D80 with Nikkor 18-105mm
Location : Sg. Kawang, Kinarut, Papar, Sabah, Malaysia

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Don't whine over things that you are not seeing, if you don't even bother looking

Talent : Myron
Nikon D90 with Nikkor 18-105mm
Location : Kinarut, Papar, Sabah, Malaysia

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Personal Discovery and Team Building Camp

 One of the team building activity, lifting and transfering the ball using ropes hold by all participants in the group.  Eyes will be blindfolded  whoever makes any mistakes or not following instructions from group leader. 
Another activity where participants are assigned to collect numbers from 1 to 15 by one person using rope without her feet touching the ground.  All her friends are holding her using the rope and control her movement when collecting the numbers each time.  Teaching participants on the importance of teamwork, creative thinking and follow instructions.

Using ladder to climb to the platform of flying fox ride.  The platform and ladder is permanently tied to the tree.  It looks quite easy to climb but for certain people who are quite afraid of height, every step needs a lot of guts especially upon reaching the top where we have to climb to the platform.  And then please dont look down... :D

 Beautiful, massive and gigantic tree with lots of its hardened roots covering the main trunk of the tree.  I forgot to ask the instructors the age of this tree.  Do you think it is more than 100 years?

NurMuthirah confident and without fear....but with pale face :D

One of the participants, Duncan, trying to overcome his fear by closing his eyes in the flying fox ride.  As seen in the photo above, the instructor seems very comfortable in this height.  However, she still attached ropes to her waist just like the participants.

 Al-Masi, the best participants of this Camp looks confident with his large smile starting his ride in the flying fox activity.

Teacher Minnie trying the flying fox and has no problem looking cute while doing it :D

Tree climbing activity using the same tree as the flying fox activity.  Their friends below watching the climbers every steps and giving encouragement along the way. Climbers have to climb the tree using their bare hands by holding the trunk of the tree until they reach the metal plat at the top of the tree.  Then they will absailing down using the rope tied to them.

Calvin, one of the tree climbing participants keep on smiling even though he is quite nervous hanging on to the tree.

One of the camp group assigned to tree climbing activity. 

Rock Climbing Activity.  Rope tied to climber and hold by her friends as a security measure taken to ensure safety of climbers.
Rock climbing requires strong hand and legs muscle to push yourself up.  It also needs precise judgement on which rock or gap to hold, ensuring firm grasp.

OBS instructors explained on how to land to the other side of the Sg. Kawang river bank using the yellow rope to rafters.

Five groups ready to raft and beat each other with excitement of new adventure at Sungai Kawang

Enthusiasm on the faces of Rafting Competition winners during this camp.

Trying to beat other team

Pre-University lecturers with Principal of SMKDPM

Nikon D90 with Nikkor 18-108mm and Nikkor 50mm f1.4
Location : Outward Bound Sabah, Kinarut, Papar, Sabah, Malaysia


the more powerful the photo, the less it makes viewers think about photographic technique, and the more viewers tend to think of the subject matter, with technique forgotten.

Harold Davis (Photo.Net)

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