Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Legend Who Inspire

He was a special person whose confidence and passion can be felt and seen through his work, action and words.  He had such an aura that made you want to hear and digest every words that came from him.  I learned a lot from his work and always waited for his uploaded new photo assignment everyday.  His photo was not just a photo but each told a story of its own, either by his own words or by the photo itself.  Ask him anything and he will answer each of your question in full sentence, full of emotion and elaborative, with a very good English language.  Apart from his vast knowledge and experience in photography you will know that he also good in other area such as ICT and Multimedia ( and he once used to be a System Analyst Programmer...! No wonder I understand his technical and logical thought easily...)

He was the one who really opened my eyes on how to really 'see' in photography. "Look for Moment, Know Your Subject, Tell a Story, Visualise in Advanced".  A few female photographer friends and I had joined one of his photography workshop at Bukit Kokol, Kota Kinabalu, and that was the first time and the last time I personally met him.  Other than that was through questions or comments in FB inbox or photo comments.  I do have a few assignments/task from him that I havent done yet.  And such a regret and great loss as I was unable to join the Sandakan Photographers (SU4) photography outing with him at Sandakan especially at Tasik Cinta.  InsyaAllah, I will do the assignment he asked me to do regarding the Tasik Cinta with Infrared Long Exposure.

During the workshop he told us how he created the G13 group (upon my question of course...) and we can see clearly how proud he was of the G13 photographers he had taught, trained and developed where all of them are already well known now and success in their own genre of photography.  His face light up and giggled when mentioning Ramdan dan Lano.  He also shared his initial involvement in photography by becoming a photographer assistant whose job was cleaning camera tools for his sifu before becoming one of the great photographers/photojournalist in Sabah.  I was awed on how passionate he express himself.  How could someone be so emotional, so passionate in things they loved so dearly and then not only keeping it for themselves but also inspire others?

May you rest in peace and may Allah blessed your soul and forgive all your sins.  All your teachings, guidance to your students including me InsyaAllah will be a continues merit to you.  We will surely miss you forever, our sifu who always inspire.  We know you will always be there, the place where you love most, among the mountains and valleys of Sabah. (Thank you Lano Lan for the quote)


A Tribute to Rabani HM Ayub

Apabila telah mati anak Adam itu, maka terhentilah amalnya melainkan tiga macam :

1. SEDEKAH yang berjalan terus (Sedekah Amal Jariah).
2. ILMU yang berguna dan diamalkan.
3. ANAK yang soleh yang mendoakan kebaikan baginya.
[Hadis Riwayat Muslim]

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pre University of 2012

My four students of Computing 958 Session 2011/2012

Nikon D90 With Nikkor 18-105mm
Location : Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia


the more powerful the photo, the less it makes viewers think about photographic technique, and the more viewers tend to think of the subject matter, with technique forgotten.

Harold Davis (Photo.Net)

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